The Three Little Magicians are well-known figures among young children. Using a combination of clever game ideas, high-quality materials and unmistakable designs, Schmidt Spiele has created a premium brand of exceptional games for children. Critics are also impressed: the Three Little Magicians series has won plenty of awards, including the prestigious children’s prize "Kinderspiel des Jahres - Children's Game of the Year" - (in 2004 for „Geistertreppe“ - The haunted staircase - and in 2009 for „Das magische Labyrinth - The magical labyrinth). Additionally it was awarded the Bestes Kinderspiel - Best Children's Game in 2006 for “Nacht der Magier” - Night of the magician. Three Little Magicians games frequently feature on the nomination and award lists of the “spiel gut” working committee for toys and games. Such awards raise the brand’s standards, and every year it aims a little higher. As past history shows, it succeeds every time…


Short History

In 1994 -  the game publisher "Drei Magier Spiele" was founded
Since 1995 -  Rolf Vogt (ARVi) has illustrated and designed the product range.
In 2003 - Drei Magier Spiele cooperates with Schmidt Spiele GmbH, which sells the brand initially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
In 2008 - Schmidt Spiele acquires the trademark rights and continues the development, manufacturing, distribution and production contracts in-house and presents the program worldwide.
In 2012 - "Drei Magier Spiele" placed two games "Hexenhochhaus" and "Mogel Motte" on the recommendation list.
In 2013 - "Der verzauberte Turm“ is chose for Children's Game of the Year.
In 2016 - again two games („Die geheimnisvolle Drachenhöhle“ and „Burg Flatterstein“) are on the recommendation list of the jury.
In 2017 -  first children's novels and audiobooks will be released with the adventures of the three magicians Conrad, Vicky and Mila