Ligretto is one of the most popular family card games in Germany. The game for two to four players requires razor-sharp reflexes, as everyone plays at the same time. It was first released in 1989 by the Rosengarten Verlag. Good Time Holding bought the rights for the game in 1999, and the subsidiary Schmidt Spiele has been responsible for the marketing ever since.

Short History

2, 4, 6, 8, 10 – 12! Ligretto breaks all the rules. The fast-paced game with vintage look cards can be played by anything from two to 12 (!) players. On your cards, get set, go! And with everyone simultaneously trying to lay as many cards of the same color in a row, the mood is one of inescapable fun and excitement. Chaos is a given, and is what made the game - first released in 1988 by the Rosengarten Verlag - so famous.

Sales figures of more than four million copies speak for themselves and for the popularity of this speedy card game, where the player with the fastest reflexes stands to win. Ligretto has been with the Schmidt Spiele company since 1999, during which time spin-offs have been released: “Ligretto SpongeBob” offers a funny variation for young players, while “Würfel-Ligretto” follows on from the turbulent card idea with 24 transparent dice - and is just as much fun…