Jan Tenner is a science-fiction audio play series from the 1980s. It is set in Westland, a fictional state on Earth, in the not too distant future. Science, research and computer technology have already advanced considerably. However, the main difference from the world as we know it is that first contact has already been made with aliens. The hostile lifeforms from outer space repeatedly threaten the Earth.

The main character in the series is Jan Tenner, a student of physics at the University of Westland. He works closely with Professor Futura, one of the most successful scientist in Westland. Futura is aided by his assistant Tanja, who is later (from episode 4 on) supported by Laura.

Another central character is General Forbett, the superior officer of Westland’s army. He is responsible for protecting Westland against threats, terrestrial or otherwise, and turns to Professor Futura for help when things get dicey.

The key element in the series is a serum developed by Professor Futura which enables the recipient to transform his/her body in various ways. This serum is used repeatedly to help Jan Tenner and Laura overcome tricky situations.

From episode 10 onwards a new enemy for Jan Tenner by the name of Professor Zweistein steps on the scene. Like Professor Futura, he is an outstanding scientist, but he chooses to abuse his knowledge in a bid to become the ruler of the world and of the universe.

Short History

Jan Tenner is an audio play series for young people set in the not too distant future, as seen from the 1980s.

 Between 1980 and 1989 a total of 45 episodes were released. In November 2000 the series was brought to a close with the 46th cassette, an episode entitled “Mimo, der Rächer” (Mimo, the Avenger). Since then it has been marketed under the name Jan Tenner – Classic.

Since September 2006 the classic Jan Tenner episodes have been available on CDs from KIDDINX and VGH.

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