Code of Conduct


As a medium-sized family business, we attach great importance to entrepreneurial freedom and trust our employees, managers and directors to use this freedom responsibly.
We are aware that each individual is perceived as a representative of the company and can contribute to the positive perception of the Group with their behaviour and actions, thereby supporting the success of the company.
This Code of Conduct sets standards for our corporate behaviour and serves as a guideline for legal and ethical issues in everyday working life. It is intended to help employees, managers and directors alike to understand our principles and act accordingly.

Guidelines for our own work

Compliance with laws
We are committed to observing and complying with applicable laws and other legal regulations.

We are experts in the media industry and always act in a friendly and competent manner towards our employees, customers and business partners. We promote the qualifications of our employees through targeted personnel development measures and thus ensure a high level of professionalism.

Error Culture 
Making mistakes is important. We can turn to each other in confidence and without hesitation, even with critical matters. In doing so, we provide advisory support to each other and examine expressed concerns without prejudice. We learn from mistakes. Therefore, we openly address them and their potential implications. Only through this can a positive learning culture be fostered, allowing us to develop together.

Space for Creativity 
As a media company, we thrive on good ideas and new developments. Our work environment creates space for creativity and innovation, characterized by an open and collegial interaction among ourselves. We ask bold questions, discuss crazy ideas, and are open to change.

Protection of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets Protecting intellectual property is of vital business importance to us as a media company.

Protected intellectual property refers to all products of intellectual work, regardless of their commercial value. This includes, among other things, books, music, films, television programs, graphic works, software, and their components. Intellectual property is protected by laws (e.g., copyright law, trademark law, patent law) or as a trade secret. Unauthorized use and unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copies are considered violations of intellectual property. Trade secrets must not be disclosed to the public or unauthorized third parties. This includes, for example, unpublished products or parts thereof, projects in planning, and the planned acquisition or sale of licenses and trademark rights. All employees should contribute to the protection of confidential information.

Management of Corporate Assets

We handle company assets of all kinds responsibly, such as products, tools, and IT equipment. We use corporate assets for their intended business purposes and not for personal purposes that are inappropriate or unauthorized. Any form of fraud, embezzlement, theft, misappropriation, and tax evasion is prohibited, regardless of whether it damages company assets or the assets of third parties.

IT Security When using IT systems, appropriate security measures (passwords, authorized technologies, and licensed software) are required to ensure the protection of intellectual property and personal data. Neglecting necessary security measures can have serious consequences, such as data loss, theft, fraud, or copyright infringement. Since digital data can spread quickly and be easily duplicated and practically indestructible, we carefully monitor the content of emails, attachments, downloaded files, and stored voice messages. We commit to using the IT systems provided by the company to fulfill business tasks and not for personal purposes that are inappropriate or unauthorized.

Data Protection

When collecting, storing, processing, or transmitting personal data (e.g., name, address, telephone number, date of birth, information about health status) of employees, customers, or other third parties, we exercise utmost care and strict confidentiality, as well as compliance with applicable laws.

Guidelines for Financial Accounting and Reporting We are aware that diligence in handling financial records is of utmost importance to the corporate group. Therefore, we commit to complying with the obligation to adhere to applicable accounting rules. Our financial records form the basis for managing the business. They accurately and promptly reflect the course of business and relevant facts to stakeholders. We cooperate with auditors cooperatively.

Guidelines for Dealing with Customers and Business Partners

Fair Competition and Antitrust Law In almost all countries, relationships and agreements with competitors, suppliers, and distribution or trading companies that impair fair competition are prohibited. This includes, for example, price-fixing, customer or sales territory allocation among competitors, anticompetitive boycotts, and other unfair competition practices. We are committed to fair competition and adhere to the relevant laws and rules for the benefit of all market participants. We promptly address violations.

Product Quality and Safety Our aim is to provide our customers with safe and high-quality products of impeccable quality. Products must not have defects or dangerous properties that could impair health or damage property. The development, manufacturing, and processing of products are carried out with great care and responsibility to our customers. During production, we conscientiously ensure safety and conduct systematic checks during production, before transportation, and upon receipt of goods in our warehouse. We always provide truthful information about our products. Providing false information and misleading information about products can damage both our customers and our reputation. This contradicts our principles and is prohibited.

Gifts and Invitations Gifts and invitations create the impression that the giver/inviter expects benefits, especially with high-value gifts or invitations. Even this appearance can harm the company's reputation. Therefore, we accept and grant only low-value gifts in exceptional cases, provided they are appropriate and not tied to any consideration. When invited to events and business dinners, we ensure that they comply with accepted business practices, are appropriate, and no consideration is expected. In cases of doubt, we consult with our managers or directors and discuss the procedure.

Responsibility towards Employees, Society, and the Environment

Respectful, Partnership-based Interaction We promote a work environment characterized by respect, appreciation, courtesy, and honesty. A fact-oriented, friendly, and fair interaction with each other is as natural as trusting collaboration.

Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Tolerance, Prohibition of Discrimination We are committed to equal opportunities and do not tolerate discriminatory behavior towards employees or applicants based on ethnic origin, nationality, gender, marital status, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or other reasons falling under the prohibition of discrimination. We make personnel decisions free from any discrimination. Diversity and tolerance are valuable to us because the diverse backgrounds of our employees promote creativity and help us better understand our customers.

Occupational Safety We comply with laws and regulations on occupational safety and health at the workplace and ensure a healthy and hazard-free working environment for our employees.

Human Rights We respect the human rights, personal rights, and dignity of our employees and all third parties. Forced labor and child labor, as well as any form of exploitation, are prohibited. We strictly adhere to relevant laws, including those concerning our suppliers.

Environmental and Climate Protection Protecting the environment and responsible use of resources are important to us. We have a duty to use energy, water, and raw materials sparingly and efficiently and to dispose of waste in an environmentally conscious manner. Wherever possible and sensible, we strive to use renewable resources and develop environmentally friendly packaging. We comply with all applicable environmental regulations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Charitable Activities of the Company We are aware that as a medium-sized company, we have a social responsibility. We support projects that promote social cohesion and an inclusive society, as well as projects that focus on the well-being of children, adolescents, and families. We do not provide financial contributions to political parties or similar institutions or individuals.

Handling of the Code of Conduct

Each employee is provided with this Code of Conduct. It is also available on the company's website of Good Time Holding GmbH ( It is expressly desired to address problematic issues openly. It is the responsibility of all managers and directors to be open to discussions about company practices, the work environment, their own behavior, or the behavior of other employees.