We're On Our Way!


Starting in 2022, we've been consistently measuring the carbon footprint of our locations and, in collaboration with "Climate Partner," identifying areas within the company where reducing CO2 emissions is feasible. Presently, our locations operate using green electricity, our administrative building is heated with district heating sourced from renewable energy, and we're gradually transitioning our fleet to electric or hybrid vehicles.

In front of our administrative building, we've installed six charging stations where company vehicles, as well as our employees' and visitors' private vehicles, can be charged. A dedicated bicycle room ensures a secure and sheltered space for all administrative building employees to store their bicycles.

For 2024, we have plans to install our own photovoltaic system on the roof of our logistics center.


Sustainable Resources

Our physical products are primarily made from paper and cardboard, boasting extended lifecycles. Games and puzzles are often enjoyed by multiple generations within a family or passed on as gifts.

Wherever feasible, we're reducing the use of plastics in our products, substituting them with wood, paper, or cardboard.

Additionally, we're minimizing the use of shrink wrap and prioritizing the recyclability of our packaging materials.